This is for the small biz owner, startup, artist, influencer or expert! Gain exposure and watch your brand grow!

I started the e-course because I was earning leads that could not pay for my monthly services. It was something about the monthly commitment for business owners that made them hesitant. Sometimes the potential clients were eager for the PR services, but could only afford up to $300/month. After turning away so many awesome brands due to their budget, I got tired of not being able to help more than a few clients at a time. And not being able to see amazing businesses gain the credit they deserved, was a problem I wanted to solve. So "4 Days To Pitching For Placements" is what I wanted to start with and it's going to help you develop a winning pitch. Your goal is to earn placements with this course and I aim to make sure it happens!


Day 1 - Crafting Angles

In Day 1, we will take a look at what your business has to offer.  Sometimes we fail to look what we can do for the public, our perfect customer. If you're able to identify the perfect customer, the client that you wish to reach, then you can craft some angles for the media/blogger to use too. The perfect headline gets clicks so give it to them.

Day 2 - Researching The Media

In Day 2, I will breakdown ways to find media contacts, without a database like Cision or Meltwater, as this has been my best tested resource over pre-made lists. Also, you'll learn how to find bloggers that have the right content for your company to work with and the 4 things to look for when researching.


Day 3 - Developing The Pitch

Once you’ve gotten through creating a list of 10 potential bloggers or media contacts with my research tactics, it’s time to craft your email pitch. The email pitch is perfect when it have 5 elements. You'll learn those 5 elements, plus how to take your Day 1 angles and use them for your pitches. Everything comes together smoothly when you've gotten this far. I'll even share with you the "5 Do's and Don'ts to Pitching A Blogger" and how to send out the first 10 pitches.

Day 4 - Following Up

There's always a chance that your pitch was seen or overlooked, and that could be because of 3 things. I will go over when and how to follow-up and give you a few tools to help you keep track of what you're doing and where to head next. Sometimes you're unable to seal the deal in the first try, but could it be because of something you're overlooking too? Let's solve this before it has to happen.


If you're in any industry, you can use this e-course. CLASS BEGINS ON FRIDAY, MARCH 16TH!


BONUS: If you sign up before Wednesday, March 14th and you'll get access to my Power Pitching Tracker Excel Sheet for free! It's a vital tool that helps you keep up with your pitches and works well if you're working with a team that needs reports.


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Here's what a few of my clients and partners had to say about working with me to help their businesses or personal clients thrive in the media or just with their core audience:

ImaniPopeJohns by RubyElla Photography.jpg

Meet Imani Pope-Johns - the class creator!

Shoot, I forgot to tell you who I am! I'm Imani, the creative who just so happens to thrive in helping small businesses, starts and more gain exposure, advance their hustle and invite growth. Before launching this course, I made sure I could master this content. I've earned two degrees and 1000's + of placements for clients that helped them find ways to secure bigger deals due to the publicity. I like to call myself a "Growth and Visibility Maven" and I'm only here to help you. I'm truly interested in letting the masses hear about your product or service, expertise and passion. You have to remove the fear and get going though. Sometimes waiting on the right budget removes you from the playing field, because everything is time sensitive. It's rare that you'll get a PR firm or practitioner to take you on as a "pro-bono" client. because its hard work they're doing for FREE!  So again, why would I do it for more than 75% less than my current pricing?  Well, it's because I think its a risk I should take. Teach and help many progress, than to be picky about who I work with and when. So, if you're seeking a product feature, a personal highlight in a publication, or simply get an influencer to recognize your product, without having to cough up $1000's for a simple feature, then take the e-course! It's in your email anyway. No need to leave your house to go to a workshop, I'll bring it to you.



Yes, I made sure I can give you more just in case you wanted more! :)

  1. PAID BONUS for an extra $200: Discount for PR Services from Imani, such as editing of your pitch, press release writing, media or blogger list of 30 contacts based on your industry to get started with.
  2. FREE BONUS: Free download of list of tools that enhance your pitching chances and an excel sheet for tracking
  3. FREE BONUS: 10 media contacts to pitch based on your brand's industry upon completing the course. A request at the end of the course is requested to get this info. :)