"Imani is truly a talent, and excellent advisor in brand strategy, digital exposure, and e-commerce."

Imani was thorough and dependable, and I would truly recommend her to anyone who is running a small business, or developing a personal business or brand strategy. In addition to her talent, Imani exhibits a very kind demeanor, which encourages her clients to continue to develop their business, and take on the hard tasks as an entrepreneur. Her devotion to entrepreneurship, and her passion for helping others through her gifts is both admirable and noteworthy.

— Lindsay, founder and designer of IPaintInHeels

"Her approach to the field of public relations and communications is why I have been a fan of Imani since day one."

A supreme professional and extremely patient, which is a very rate trait to possess in a world where information is constantly changing and ever-evolving. I wholeheartedly support Ms. Pope-Johns.

— Steven, music manager

Imani was exceptional in making sure we were presented correctly in articles as well as putting us in touch with the right people. She made sure that we kept public relations as top of mind when it came to working with our customers and communicating Airfordable to them. It would be a mistake for you to not bring her on.

— Craig, co-founder of Airfordable.com


“Stellar and professional.”

"When I met with Imani, I was immediately impressed by her willingness to be directly involved with our brand outside of a PR capacity. She takes a very "hands-on" approach with her client engagement, and she's extremely innovative. She created an avenue that resulted in increased customer traffic and traction, and business relationships with other businesses. She is extremely responsive and she works diligently to find improvements to build the brand at all times. The value she provided certainly exceeded my expectations."

— Melodie, co-founder of SoleSavers.co